What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy educates you about the best way to live within your own body.  You will leave with a better understanding of how diet and lifestyle will lead you to greater wellness and vitality. The focus is to treat your symptoms of illness and address the cause in each unique body.

The therapies used include gentle encouragement and support to the healing process. They include herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, and advice on diet and lifestyle. Naturopathy is a wonderful combination of traditional wisdom and the latest scientific research.

Your visit

First consultation – Up to 60 minutes.  A detailed case history is taken, and a treatment plan created.

Follow up consultations – 30 – 40mins. Treatment and progress is assessed, and adjustments made to your treatment plan.

Naturopathy and Osteopathy

Great results are achieved using naturopathic care alongside osteopathic treatment. Some examples include –

  • Arthritis – providing anti-inflammatory herbs and dietary advice to decrease pain and inflammation
  • Muscle tension – Relaxing herbs and nutritionals relieve physical and emotional stress so that muscles are more at ease.
  • Pre-conception – Providing dietary and lifestyle advice to couples wishing to have a baby.
  • Pregnancy – Helping mother and baby be as healthy as possible