low back pain is out there.

Did you know lower back pain is the second most common complaint people consult their GP for? In fact, it's been estimated that nearly 90% of Australians will experience an episode of low back pain, lasting up to six weeks, at least once during their life.

what do i do about it?

We know how confusing it can be to make a choice about your recovery.  There is a lot of information (and misinformation) about back pain and this is because pain (no matter where you feel it) is complicated.  All the research says the more you know about your back pain, the quicker your recovery will be and the more likely it won't go on to develop into a persistent, recurrent condition.  Don't underestimate the value in learning your back pain should resolve, all by itself, in three weeks.

Early Diagnosis

Effective Treatment


Self Management Advice

This approach can mean the difference between a quickly resolving episode of back pain or the development of a more chronic back pain condition.  And whilst more serious causes of back pain are uncommon Osteopaths are qualified to refer for investigations or advise on immediately seeking medical attention.

The Osteopaths of Fairfield Osteopathic Clinic pride themselves in incorporating the latest science when explaining back pain, we provide an individualized osteopathic approach for each patient, and you will walk away with the basic tools of understanding on how to sustain lasting relief. To make an appointment call us today on 03 9489 0981 or book online.

Individualised Treatment

Osteopathic treatment of back pain focuses on using manual therapy to reduce your pain levels, improve the balance of muscle tension and restore motion to poorly moving spinal joints.  Manual therapy is also a good start to improving body awareness as we have a tendency to ignore what our bodies need due to our hectic lifestyles.

All our Osteopaths provide sensible take home advice, in the form of individualised remedial exercises or self-management strategies, including stretches and changes to current exercise programs.