There is an unseen world of inner workings that contribute to how we experience our body.


“Viscera” refers to the internal organs of the body. For most of our days we are unaware of our inner workings until we experience an acute discomfort due to infection like gastroenteritis. Occasionally, we experience a slower realisation due to abdominal discomfort with conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or slow transit constipation, or more cyclical reminders with conditions such as endometriosis. 

Our organs do not exist in a vacuum. This treatment approach recognises that internal organs and surrounding structures are very much connected to the rest of your body mechanically (ligaments and connective tissue), chemically (blood and nutrients) and our all pervasive nervous system keeping our brain informed at all times.


Why choose Visceral Manipulation?

If we experience inflammation or irritation in an organ our entire body will respond. While we generally bounce back, on occasion we need some help to adapt to our new circumstance.

All our Osteopaths consider your body as a whole, however, Paula Henderson has post-graduate training in the area. 


How Does Visceral Manipulation feel?

Visceral Manipulation (or VM) is gentle manual therapy applied to the soft tissues and organs within our abdomen, thorax and pelvis. This hands-on treatment may involve gentle compression and mobilisation of the structures that house the organs. 

Please call our clinic 9489 0981 if you have specific questions regarding whether VM would be appropriate for you.