have you recently sustained an injury?

Whether you have been recently injured or are recovering from surgery your Osteopath is able to help you get on, and stay on, the road to recovery.

Rehabilitation is about improving your ABILITY to perform functional tasks that have been lost through injury or pathology with the ultimate goal getting you back into the exercise that you love, whether it be golf, netball, aqua, swimming, Crossfit, Karate, gardening or yoga.

why do I feel weak?

Following injury or surgery, there is a loss of motor control (how the muscles work) around the area. You'll experience this as a weakness or a lack of coordination to the area.  THIS IS NORMAL. It is how your brain and body protects you.  It stops you from going for a run when what you should be doing is gentle and slow movement.  Pain is the body's other natural protector.

how do I know what is normal?

You won't always know as most people are pretty good at ignoring alarm bells and warning signs. 

Osteopaths are experts at assessing when your weakness or lack of motor control is still a natural part of your healing process or when it's time to step up and challenge the area.  

am i too old, young, unfit/fit, overweight for rehab?

We work with people across the lifespan to achieve their rehabilitation goals.  We recommend how to pace into particular exercises with appropriate home based programs so you don't re-injure yourself along the journey.  

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