Neck pain is a common complaint. Desk work, stress, tension, poor posture, over-exertion and motor accidents can all result in a stiff and irritable neck.

what causes neck pain?

Most commonly due to muscular tension, neck pain can become debilitating and the sensitivity can leave you flinching at the thought of hugging, dancing or wearing a halter neck dress. Long term neck tension can result in stiffness and joint restriction in the neck and this can lead to headaches into various areas of the skull. 

Thorough examination of the neck and your lifestyle means together we can identify the areas causing your pain and apply gentle manual treatment to relieve tightness thereby relieving your symptoms.

The Osteopaths of Fairfield Osteopathic Clinic pride themselves in incorporating the latest science when explaining neck pain, we provide an individualised osteopathic approach for each patient, and you will walk away with the basic tools of understanding on how to sustain lasting relief. 

will getting a new pillow help?

Maybe. We stock pillows that adapt to your needs, which may help to manage your neck pain.

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