Why Blog?

Navigating the manual therapy BS

As Osteopaths, we meet people like you who live with pain every day.  We are passionate about how manual therapy can help relieve your pain.  We are also passionate about the science of why you have pain, when it’s normal, why it’s there and how it got there.  We know that we can educate you about pain, and in combination with some treatment you will live with less pain in your life.  Don’t just take it from us, a study in 2003 showed that if you are educated about pain in combination with your therapy then you have better outcomes (1). 

We’ve been procrastinating about blogging for several years.  There is so much information out there.  And we realised so much misinformation.  Our aim is to write on topics informed by quality peer reviewed scientific literature.

There will be a mix of information on the blog.  Much of it will be informed opinion, some of it educated speculation, and I’m sure at times it will be anecdotes about the body’s, maybe your body’s, amazing capacity for recovery.

1. Moseley, G. L. (2003b). Joining forces - combining cognition-targeted motor control training with group or individual pain physiology education: A successful treatment for chronic low back pain.  Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapeutics, 11, 88-94.